Achieve your goals using SMART
ENEVITA technologies - your step into the future


The most useful indicators come from market data. The algorithm determines the quality of the predicted change in indicator values by distribution of predicted price jumps, displaying all analytics on the chart.

The use of machine learning based on the algorithms we have developed helps to recognize and classify the most suitable instruments for trading in each specific period, based on market conditions.

The use of machine learning methods helps us make informed decisions more quickly, which are based on clear and structured analytics.


In the foundation, everything starts with information. We collect and analyze a set of data. Not only financial information, but everything that can help us understand how markets and instruments will behave. Our approach is based on science and modern technology, not on financial theory - and implemented by a group of researchers with experience in various fields using huge computational capacities.

SmartEnevita is an opportunity to make money in a new format, using modern opportunities with a range of integrated platforms.


Technology helps our team work more efficiently, improving the process at all stages.

The asset portfolio works in the best interest of our client and protects his capital.

Emphasis on liquid instruments, innovative models and a diversified funding structure.

Own trading robots and advisors for stable income in this industry.


Our mission is to make our partners happy by helping them achieve their financial goals, applying science and innovation in modern investing. Our team offers 2 options for safe investments.

The first one is ready-made cases - portfolio investments carefully selected by our specialists with predicted indicators of profitability over time.

The second is a personal selection of tools for the formation of an individual investment portfolio according to the conditions and criteria of the partner. Using automatic algorithms for specified profit levels.


Gold, oil

Among all investment areas, the market for goods and raw materials remains the most popular and one of the most stable. First of all, these instruments have always represented the equivalent of value. These assets can be considered for large-scale investments in the long term.

Stock market

Huge analytic capabilities, limited by manageable risk.